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Modern Money Team is crowd-funding a powerful cryptocurrency mining operation in Springfield, Missouri, USA, that all of our club members can profit from. Members can purchase mining machines, run them in our facilities, and earn money on the profits each month.

Crowd-funding allows us to have incredible buying power and, as a result, we are able to get incredible pricing. Not only does this buying power give us the best price on mining machines, but it also gives us substantial buying power to purchase hashing power and cloud mining with some largest mining facilities in the world.

We offer Member Only pricing ranging from as little as $50 USD for hashing power on a two-year contract all the way up to $2,000 for a complete rig with a lifetime contract.


Industry-Leading Mining Machines

These machines have one of the best ROI in the GPU mining industry. They are an incredible value and a great option to get started with GPU mining. With our proprietary optimization capabilities, these rigs averages 70-100MH/s.

They are capable of mining many different coins. There are no production guarantees, but you can use the mining calculator on our website to project average daily, monthly, and yearly returns.

The mining rigs are already set up and ready to go. As soon as your account is set up, you can start earning coins from our crypto-cloud mining service!

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Choose from Two Mining Options

Option 1: Professional Mining Datacenters

We offer a fully managed option were you receive 75% of the mining profits, thus earning completely passive income. Remember, this is not an investment. There are no production or profit guarantees. You are purchasing an actual mining rig, and you receive 75% of its profit.

MMT Members can have their mining machines set up in one of our or one of our partners'professionally outfitted, operated, and maintained mining datacenters. In this case, we will oversee setting up everything and helping maintain the rigs for the cost of the power and a percent of the mining done by that machine.

Most of our members choose this option because it allows them to make a passive income with the greatest convenience and without needing to have any special technical skills required for personally running a crypto-mining operation.

Option 2: Home Mining Operation

Our members can also purchase a mining rig from MMT to set up at their own home.

If you are interested in this, it is important to understand that all machines are sold as is. Once it starts mining, there are no refunds on a machine. You will be fully responsible for arranging to have the rig shipped to you; maintaining and running it; as well as covering all related costs. MMT does not provide tech support nor maintenance for machines outside our facilities.

If your mining rig becomes unprofitable, or you become inactive, we will stop mining your machine. You will have 30 days to arrange shipment of your machine to the location of your choice.

MMT does not warranty any machines. The warranties come from the manufacturer. In the case of a warranty issue, it is your responsibility to submit a claim form directly to the manufacturer.

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Trading cryptocurrency is very similar to trading on the various foreign exchanges and stock markets in that it's affected by supply and demand and the news. But, as demand surges in response to the great Cryptocurrency awakening, it's not uncommon AT ALL to see 100% or more daily growth in several of the coins on the market …and THIS creates regular opportunities to profit each day from trading.

At Modern Money Team, we have professional traders that are constantly monitoring the news in anticipation of price fluctuations that could create profitable trading opportunities. Our traders have a very successful track record, and you could start earning profits based on the trades they make every week.

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